For those of you who follow my professional portfolio blog, you just read yesterday about the birth of this brand new blog.  For those who missed it, the tldr: rather than spread my focus and deliver a mashup of different topics in one venue, I’ve decided to separate my hiking and photography posts into a dedicated blog. So, a new blog is born that will focus on my pursuit of excellent images and epic experiences in the backcountry.

What this means for my readers: if you are interested in my professional posts, keep following my at If you are interested in my hiking and photography posts, follow me here. If you’re interested in both, follow both. My professional blog will release posts less frequently. I’m going to try my hand at two a month. My main focus there will be keeping my portfolio and work experience up-to-date.

This blog, on the other hand, will receive much more regular posts. Those will include product reviews, trail reports, and photos. I’ll also be working to integrate this site with Jon Anscher Photography for quick and easy access to my photos available for sale. Additionally, the photo posts will include more detail about how I got to that photo and how I took it. The focus will be more heavily placed on sharing my experiences, skills, and advice with others.

So, take a moment and check out the old content that I’ve already moved over. Some of it you may recognize from recent posts on my professional blog. And buckle up, because my first new post will hit the stands Thursday!

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