Recently I posted about my quest for a new travel bag that would also work as a daily carry. Well, after much deliberation, I settled on the Boundary Supply Prima System. I just got that bag and have just started using it. I’ll review the bag eventually, but today is to show you how I’m using it as my daily carry.

My Daily Carry

This is a look at what is in my daily carry right now. The exact items change depending on the conditions, and sometimes I still flip back to a messenger bag. But for now, this is my new standard daily carry.

Annotated picture of my daily carry gear

So, let’s dive right into what all those things are:

  1. OR Cathode Jacket. That’s a warmer one because it’s fall right now and the temps are dropping, but in the summer, I have a lighter jacket there instead.
  2. PackTowel. To avoid wasting paper towels.
  3. Travel First Aid Kit. Very minimal, this is for front country use, realizing most things I can pick up at a nearby pharmacy. I’ll go into detail about what’s in here in a later post.
  4. Boundary Supply Prima System. This is the pack. I love its versatility. The Verge case is generally mounted inside for my daily carry. The waist belt is also stored inside, as I generally don’t need it for daily carry purposes unless I’m taking my Verge out for a smaller trip.
  5. Jabra Move Headphones. Bluetooth wireless technology. I love how these connect to both my iPad and iPhone simultaneously. They are not compatible with simultaneous play, but they require no jostling of connections.
  6. B&O Play In-Ear Headphones. Reliable hard-wired connection, requires no batteries, can fit in my pocket and have outstanding audio quality.
  7. Lightning to VGA Adapter. For work purposes, many of the projectors around campus and medical centers still use this connection.
  8. Lighning to SD Card Adapter. For importing images to my iPad. I use this regularly, so it often sits inside the top pocket, though it technically belongs in my camera kit.
  9. Work ID Card. I don’t wear it often, but good for the purposes of identifying myself when needed.
  10. EDC Kit. Can fit in my pocket when necessary, this little kit is TSA friendly and stays with me. It has many of my everyday needs. I’ll go into more detail in a later post.
  11. Extra Glasses. Can’t drive without glasses, so it’s always handy to have a pair in case my main ones break.
  12. iPad Pro. My main personal computing device. With Lightroom CC, I now use it for much of my photo editing work. Includes an Apple SmartKeyboard, Apple Pencil, and a case that protects the iPad and holds the pencil, for a neat little package.
  13. iPhone. I use this less than my iPad, but an important communication and navigation tool.
  14. Nylon shoulder bag and cotton produce bag. For groceries to avoid wasteful plastic or paper bags, or as an extra bag in case, I need to carry some extra stuff home.
  15. Camera Kit. This has all my little camera accessories in it. I’ll go into more detail in a later post.
  16. Fujifilm X-T2 with XF 23mm f/2. I carry this camera with me everywhere. And as a daily carry, this is my most used lens. I love this focal length for my style of photography. And the small, light, and fast lens is a pleasure to work with. And F2 is nothing to sneeze at. For quick shooting, I have the Peak Design Wrist Strap.
  17. Peak Design Slide Mountain Edition. I love this camera strap. It’s well used with dirt and sweat stains as evidence.
  18. Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2. The bokeh queen of Fuji’s lineup. I love this lens for people shots or any other situation where great bokeh is useful. I don’t always carry this, but it’s easy enough to fit in there and is a nice focal compliment to the 23mm.
  19. Rode VideoMicro. For quick video captures. This mic offers far superior audio quality to the built-in X-T2 mics. This, also, does not always go out with me, but again, it’s so small and light, hard not to throw it in there.
  20. Sirui Traveller Tripod. This is great for taking shots of groups when I need to be in it. Also great for unexpected slow exposures, a fun past time for city photography. With the bigger bag, it’s easy to throw this inside and not have it clanging around on the exterior.

This all fits into a nice neat little package in the Prima pack. It’s expandable if I need more, and the exterior pocket allows me to bring a water bottle or umbrella if needed. It’s heavier and bulkier than my Ona messengers, but far more comfortable for long term wear.