Below are some resources that you might find helpful in your radio adventures.

DMR Codeplug

This codeplug is specifically tailored for the Seattle Metro area. It was written for an Anytone 878 in Mode 14 and combines data from the PNWDigital and SeattleDMR code plugs as well as channels for Marine, GMRS, MURS, NOAA Weather, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This codeplug is written in mode 14. Change your radio’s mode at your own risk. It is important that once you change to mode 14, you have the ability to transmit outside the legal bands, so it is important to understand what you are doing to stay within the bounds of your legal limits. PTT has been set as prohibited on all channels outside the Technician bands within this codeplug. Adjust or add new frequencies at your own risk.

Codeplug Details:

  • Written with CPS/firmware 1.21
  • Written in Mode 14 (enables the 1.25m band)
File Description
KJ7PLM Mode 14 Codeplug.rdt This is the codeplug file itself. If you are on firmware 1.21 in mode 14 already, you should be able to use this as is.
KJ7PLM Mode 14 Codeplug.dcf This is the data conversion file, if you are using another firmware, you should be able to import this. Note that you will likely still need to be in mode 14 for the import to work.
KJ7PLM Mode 14 These are the CSV files with the accompanying LST. This will allow you to import the raw data or play with it and add it to your existing codeplug. Note that some of these items won’t work if you are in mode 14.

Emcomms Templates

The following are some templates and tools I’ve created as printouts to help myself and family for communication during an emergency situation where power, cellular data, and/or internet could be disrupted. Note that these documents were created with Apple’s Pages and/or Numbers and then converted to Word for compatibility. Word struggles with more complex page layout, so your mileage may vary with these.

File Description
Emcomm Instructions This is modified from KI6NAZ. It is a short instructional guide that can go with basic radio handhelds that you program for family in the event of an emergency. It can be modified to your needs (for instance referencing GMRS channels instead of pre-programmed amateur bands, etc.)
Radio Guide

  • PDF
  • Pages
  • Word
I print this guide out on water and tear resistant paper (sold by National Geographic) and include in my radio daily carry bag and emergency bag. I’ve cleared out my local channels so that you can put your own important channels in here.